Point of Sale Hardware & Virtualization

All-in-one Terminal

Run your operations on our built-for-purpose POS hardware. Our hardware is designed to endure harsh and high transaction environments, so your business can keep running. We also offer a variety of peripherals, such as scanners, cash drawers and printers, to meet your needs. Whether you’re looking for a single terminal or multiple terminals with customer facing displays, we’ve got you covered.


NCR Orderman mobile POS devices

Our NCR Orderman mobile POS devices are built-for-purpose and perfect for tableside ordering or line busting. Using radio frequency, the NCR Orderman is designed to operate non-stop, is less prone to interference from outside sources and reduces the risk of dead spaces and lost data. With 3x the range and using only 10% of the power of WiFi solutions, our handhelds run two full shifts before a recharge or battery swap is necessary.


Apple IOS devices

Restaurants always demand high turnover rate of tables and maintain cost effective of the operation. GourmateMobile is the best solution of your choices which can hit the point!
It’s utilizing the latest iOS based technology devices such as iPod Touch and iPad Mini, allowing staffs send food order to the kitchen and POS system directly in front of the customers. Its reliable functions definitely improve the productivity of your business.



Our servers have been designed to support your long-term investment in POS solutions. With the combination of reliable solid-state components typically found in NCR?s hardware and the performance of industry standard PC technology, this powerful hardware enables the high and ongoing uptime that your hospitality business needs.


Virtual Servers

Over 10 years of virtual technologies our server can deploy in Vmware ESXI and Microsoft HyperV environment. 


Network Devices

PlanNet Logix has many years of  experience deploying network from small with a single switch, WIFI Access Point, and firewall/router to large network with multiple switches, controller based Access Points, and firewall sandwich.


Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

Battery backup and surge protection for computer systems, credit card terminal, networking, printers, monitor, servers and other electronics.


Point of Sale Software








NCR Aloha, 

Infrasys iGourmate,


With Our POS solution, the wait is over. We provides various point of sale system scale from single restaurant single terminal to global restaurant chain connected via VPN or cloud hosted services. Our multi-functional restaurant POS solution gives operators all the tools they need to boost sales and increase the pace of service. Staff can use the POS solution to enter orders and payments, streamline food preparation and delivery, and improve operations. Our POS solution is ideal for quick service, fast casual, casual dining and fine dining restaurants and can be used on fixed POS terminals, built-for-purpose handheld devices and consumer mobile devices.

  • POS Table Service
  • POS Quick Service
  • Mobile POS
  • Consumer Self-Ordering Kiosk
  • Restaurant Payments
  • Order Ahead via Mobile & Online Ordering
  • Guest and Table Management
  • Kitchen Production
  • Takeout & Delivery
  • Labor Management
  • Loss Prevention
  • Inventory Management
  • Customer Feedback
  • Restaurant Loyalty and Gift Cards
  • Mobile Analytics
  • Business Intelligence
  • Local or cloud based POS
  • Multiple Language print on the same chit






Point of Sale Supplies

  • Cash Drawers and Tills
  • Thermal and Impact Printers 
  • POS Paper, Thermal, 2-Ply and Ink Paper
  • Printer ribbon
  • Magnetic Card Readers
  • Monitors and Displays
  • Cabling and Wires
  • Workstation turn table
  • Mobile device secure wall/table mount
  • Scanner
  • Scale


IT Services

  • Phone system
  • LAN and WAN networking
  • WIFI deployment and survey
  • DVR and NVR camera system
  • Website consulting and hosting
  • Email System
  • Microsoft Office 365
  • Backup and Recovery Service
  • Credit Card Processing
  • Mobile and Online payment platform
  • Customize Reporting